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Projects (examples)

Feasibility study for the construction of a fly-over in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2011) (ADB financing). Shown here: traffic survey

Preparatory study for a program for upgrading rural roads in Cambodia (2010) (KfW financing). Shown here: typical rural means of transport

Study of the navigability of the inland waterways of Benin (2009) (financed by Government of Benin). Shown here: river port of Malanville (Niger river)

Studies for the rehabilitation of water supply in Iringa, Tanzania (2003) (KfW financing). Shown here: survey at a public water tap

Immediate assistance for the water supply of Kabul, Afghanistan (2004) (KfW financing). Shown here: installation of an accounting and billing system

Feasibility study for 3 airports in the Northern regions of Chad (1994) (EU financing). Shown here: soil analysis near Bardai

Training of the staff of the provincial centres of the national water supply company SNDE in adapted accounting, Congo (Brazzaville), Phase III (1990-1992) (KfW financing). Shown here: work in a provincial centre